WHOOPS! Hot Shots: The Art of Armando Huerta

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WHOOPS! Hot Shots: The Art of Armando Huerta (hardcover, 128 pages).

ISBN: 978-0-6458076-0-8

FREE Hot Shot 8″ x 12″ high definition metal print included with books 1-50.

FREE WHOOPS! School Girl limited edition pin-up art decal.

• Limited to only 1,000 books worldwide.

• Each book is sequentially numbered.

• Valued at $389.99.

FREE shipping worldwide.

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The Dark Lord Of Pin-Up invites art enthusiasts and collectors alike to indulge in a rare and exclusive experience with the limited edition hardcover book, WHOOPS! Hot Shots: The Art of Armando Huerta. Limited to just 1,000 copies worldwide, this book promises to be a treasure trove for fans of Huerta’s distinctive blend of classic pin-up aesthetics and modern manga anime.

WHOOPS! Hot Shots showcases Huerta’s mastery over the art form across 128 pages, filled with an exquisite collection of sketches, illustrations, and inked manga comic characters. Huerta himself describes the concept as “a mix of the classic pin-up cartoons from the 50s and modern manga anime,” making it a unique and captivating addition to any art lover’s collection.

The characters within the book span a diverse range, featuring everything from sultry devil girls and naughty nurses to playful school girls and manga renditions of iconic figures such as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Princess Leia, Vampirella, and many more. Each page is a visual feast, capturing the essence of Huerta’s artistic prowess and imaginative storytelling.

But that’s not all – the collector pack comes complete with a free WHOOPS! limited edition pin-up art decal, allowing fans to carry a piece of Huerta’s mesmerizing world with them. Additionally, the first 50 lucky buyers will receive an exclusive 8″ x 12″ high-definition metal print, providing a stunning visual centerpiece for any collection.

1 review for WHOOPS! Hot Shots: The Art of Armando Huerta

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    How do I get on a mailing list? I don’t want to miss out on this once it’s been released.

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