Darling Nikki


• Decal size is 3.9″ x 6″ (10cm x 15.2cm).

• Printed with UV inks on clear vinyl.

• Die-cut.

• Laminated with a high-gloss film.

• Highest quality pin-up girl decals in the world.

FREE shipping.

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Our pin-up girl stickers and decals feature art by the most talented artist to ever walk the planet, the legendary Dark Lord Of Pin-Up, the unparalleled artistic genius, Armando Huerta. All art decals are manufactured at the highest quality using state-of-the-art technology and printed with vibrant UV inks on transparent vinyl. Each pin-up sticker is finished with a high-gloss lamination for extra protection and durability and then die-cut to the shape of the design.

Need a pin-up decal for your guitar, toolbox, motorcycle, laptop, or even your humble refrigerator? Then look no further. In a world saturated with the ordinary, dare to embrace the extraordinary. Elevate your surroundings and define your style with our sexy pin-up girl stickers. Unleash the magic that is Armando Huerta’s artistry and experience a revolution of visual delight that will leave you breathless.

Our cutting-edge art decals don’t just rise above the competition; they shatter it into oblivion. Brace yourself for incredulous gasps and envious stares as your friends are left in awe of the sheer magnificence that adorns your possessions. These are not simply mediocre car stickers; they are veritable masterpieces.